Why Choose Stress3dom?

You may look at this and ask, “What makes our this method of treatment any different from others?”

Long term solution
It is unique because it offers a long-term solution rather than a temporary quick fix.

Addresses the symptom AND the cause
We believe that the only healthy way to understand and overcome panic attacks is to address both the symptoms and the cause simultaneously.

Not a temporary “quick fix”
Other methods only offer a quick fix approach, often using distraction techniques. Whilst they are helpful for some, they do not address the real anxiety issues and can act as a temporary plaster over a deep wound.

Practical short term solution
Our method offers both an efficient, practical, short-term solution alongside looking at a life-changing approach to dealing with anxiety and stress.

You take full control
Gives you the knowledge; the power, to take full control and eliminate this from your life for good

In short, The PEC Method will equip you with all the information and tools that you need to enable understanding. This understanding will reduce your fear, which in turn will reduce your anxiety that causes your panic attacks.

Knowledge gives you the power to change.