Who are we


We offer a holistic treatment, born out of personal and professional experience, with a drive to help people overcome panic attacks and anxiety.

Our method is unique because we believe that the only way to treat panic attacks and anxiety in the long-term, is to address the cause and symptoms simultaneously.

We treat the Physical, Chemical and Emotional elements of panic attacks, hence the ‘3’ in Stress3dom.
Stress3dom will provide you with all of the information that you need, and give you practical help, to understand and address your panic attacks. This will empower you to prevent them from recurring in the future.

We know that no one is immune from panic attacks and anxiety, and believe that our method of treatment offers a natural and effective solution to a common problem. We suggest that you start by viewing Stress3dom page What is a panic attack?

Dawn and Jean Luc

Dawn Templeton MBACP

I have worked with panic attacks, anxiety and depression as a counsellor for over 15 years and also had personal experience of witnessing close family members suffer from panic attacks and prolonged anxiety.

I work mostly in private practice, the majority of clients being referred by medical practitioners and GPs. I have worked at a clinic in London and for the charity CRUSE for seven years.

I have previously featured in ELLE magazine and the Guardian newspaper. 


B.A.C.P Accredited Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Certificate in Short Term Counselling

Couples Counselling Certificate 

Certificate in Interpersonal Mediation

CRUSE Certificate in Bereavement Counselling



Jean Luc Lafitte Dr of Chiropractic

I have been involved in health care for over 25 years. I started my journey as an auxiliary nurse.

Soon after becoming a qualified Chiropractor, I went on to further my training in mineral nutrition and hypnotherapy. I believe, that to attain perfect health, we need to find a balance between the physical, the chemical and the emotional.

For three years I went to Africa and led a team administering medical aid and charity outreach in villages in The Gambia.

I have appeared on television and featured in various leading newspapers such as the Daily Mail. Over the years I have treated a wide variety of patients including Hollywood “A” list stars and royalty. 


Dr of Chiropractic

Diploma in Mineral Nutrition

Diploma from The American Board of Hypnotherapy

What is a panic attack

Dawn and Jean Luc talk about their own personal experience of panic attacks.